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My Upbringing

I was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It used to be known as Rhodesia.

I was raised in the religion known today as Jehovahs Witnesses. It was not a fun time because there are so many complications in that religion and there is so much hypocrisy its worth writing a book or making a film about. When I came out as gay I was dealt a real mouthful of abuse from everyone close to me.

I had grown up my entire life being terrified to come out and then when I did I realised why I was in the closet for so long.

Retail has always been something that I really love. Every aspect of retail I really enjoy. Buying and making the goods, shipping them off to people, you name it. I love the entire process.

Thats why I started this shop with the plan to expand after some time. Im planning to go into Wedding Planning once the world is up and running and Covid has left us alone.

It was really exciting for me to get to go to my first pride Parade when I arrived in the United Kingdom in 2005. I remember walking around being very excited and drinking and smiling and chatting to everyone who would listen. It was the first time in my life I had seen so many people having such a great time, especially gay people.

This photo was taken a few months ago when my husband and I went on a cruise. I could not resist wearing some of the merchandise that I am selling as well in my shop.

Im trying to get as many people to shop from my website because I have alot planned for 2021. So Im looking for support from you. Please like my Facebook page as well to keep up with all my latest news.

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